Rediscover Your Freedom, Profitability, and Joy Through AI

As an overwhelmed entrepreneur, you deserve to thrive in business without sacrificing family time, rest, and fulfillment. Our compassionate AI training guides you to success on your own terms.

What People Like You Are Saying

Michael and Gretchen had taken me by the whirlwind for sharing their knowledge on AI. They made it so simple that it can be easily followed and applied. I never knew how to use ChatGPT properly and now it has opened a floodgate of possibilities for me. It has given a new meaning of TIME for me and I know this is just the beginning.

Eliza Gong

I drafted a proposal with chat GPT in 30 minutes to coach a sales team. Previously, it would have taken me hours to do it, and I might have given up half way. The proposal got accepted! Beyond grateful to Michael and Gretchen.

Anush Gagua

The introduction to AI made by Michael and Gretchen was phenomenal! Being the very beginner, I was able to test the tools as per the guidance shared and it worked for me very well. I know now how many opportunities it brings, and how I can utilize AI in my future business.

Tanya Vashchenko

About Lipstick AI

Lipstick AI provides overwhelmed female business owners with compassionate, personalized AI training so you can leverage AI on your own terms, maintaining work-life balance, profitability, and joy.

Lipstick AI was founded to prove that AI can be profoundly human. 

The founders of Lipstick AI are on a mission to empower women in business to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence, saving over 20 hours a week on tedious tasks. Our training programs guide you step-by-step to automate content creation, social media, and operations through AI. That way, you can focus on growth and reclaim time for family, fun, and self-care.

At Lipstick AI, our compassionate approach sets us apart

We wrap our personalized, hands-on education in an uplifting sisterhood of supportive women on the same path. Our online community celebrates feminine energy, feminine leadership, and lifting each other up. We know AI is just a tool - the priority is fostering human connections.

We prove that AI can strengthen relationships instead of severing the human touch.

With our founders' guidance, you'll gain confidence implementing AI in alignment with your brand and values. Our goal is to help you flourish personally and professionally - with AI as an ally, not adversary. When you train with Lipstick AI, you join a circle of inspiring, empowered women transforming businesses and lives.

What AI Experts Are Saying about Lipstick AI

Peter Swain
CEO of ROAI Mastermind