How To Get Started With AI, Without Tech Overwhelm.

Date and time:

12th December 2021

12:00 PM Eastern Time


You missed out!

Do you wake up dreading the hundreds of tedious tasks that stand between you and growing your business?Does the endless hype around artificial intelligence feel too complex and impersonal for your reality?What if you could 10X your productivity and profits this year without losing your uniqueness or humanity in the process?

In this Masterclass we will share the 3 secrets of AI

Secret #1: How to banish your anxieties and discover the incredible ways AI can uplift humanity.
Secret #2: How to infuse AI with your unique essence to craft content that deeply connects with your audience
Secret #3: How to painlessly get started with AI without any tech skills or frustration.

Your webinar hosts

Gretchen and Michael

Gretchen Knows the AI Balancing Act Isn’t Easy...But It’s Possible!

As a former burned-out entrepreneur, Gretchen intimately understands the unrelenting demands business owners face. 

Now she’s on a mission to demystify AI for other driven entrepreneurs overwhelmed by competing priorities. Gretchen knows firsthand AI works best when integrated strategically with care, not as a quick fix.

Join Gretchen’s free live webinar to uncover the human-centered AI approach that finally brought her balance. You’ll leave inspired knowing AI can empower your best life and business too!